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April 06, 2007

Hello PalmDubai.NET

It's been like a life time since I last posted here, a lot of changes in my professional life left me with almost zero personal time to do thing I enjoy the most, like spending time in my favorite hangout PalmDubai.NET.

This year had been very good for mobility and Microsoft been doing there best to step up their game pushing Windows Mobile forward and signing up a lot of vendors, and of course introducing Windows Mobile 6, and Microsoft Exchange 2007 strongly competing against Blackberry.

It's been good start for some, but bad for others and one of the companies that started badly is i-mate who just fired large number of executives, engineers, designers, developers, etc. leaving them jobless and with no support finding new jobs, and even criticizing their employee publicly, leaving us wondering about the future of the company.

HTC together with Dangaard Telecom who just announced their merger with Brightpoint started strong mobility campaign launching five windows mobile professional and standard smartphones around the region, and around ten windows mobile professional and standard smartphones for enterprises together with Microsoft, educating enterprises and operators about mobility and direct push technology.

It seem we almost stopped talking about Palm OS these days, with ALP still to make any public appearance, and our favorite smartphone company Palm pushing strongly their windows mobile based Treo 750 and announcing free windows mobile 6 upgrade to all Treo 750 users which will be released by June hopefully, left us no room to talk about Palm OS, although Treo 680 is doing amazingly well in our region, I see everyday more and more Treo users in coffee shops and in meetings and so on, and Palm about to launch an EVDO version of the Palm OS Treo 680 smartphone sometime next month.

Over the last 6month I been eating, drinking and sleeping windows mobile, I been playing with all the different devices from HTC, Palm, Samsung, HP, working closely with Microsoft, and all the different partners to educate and push mobility forward in our region and I have to say I reached to a level where I can't use a standard feature-phone or even any other smartphone that doesn't support direct push for my email and sync my contact, appointment, and tasks over the air, that I started to work closely with other partners to make sure that all smartphone regardless of its operating system all support over the air synchronization and direct push technology.

Surprisingly this year also been good for Blackberry in our region, with all the internal struggles Blackberry partners faced in the region they still managed to sign a lot of the region operators competing strongly against windows mobile direct push and all the different push technologies, and I see more and more Blackberry users, that got me thinking to give Blackberry a try, but with double the charges I pay for my Microsoft direct push technology I decided not to, maybe if one day our service provider decided to drop the charges then I'll sign up for a Blackberry account.

I really miss writing for PalmDubai.NET, but for now please visit our cousins; EmiratesMAC, MobilityDubai, and our friends; PalmInsider, PalmInfocenter for all the latest news.


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Best of luck and we wish you all the best ;-)

Managing a website is no picnic, it takes time and lots of efforts, we appreciate your contributions and keeping this site alive.


Mohammed Al-Ashram

Welcome Back Road Warrior

We wish you all the success in your new Job

We never stopped checking the web site from time to time.

All the best

A belated best of luck to you and sorry to see this great web site not getting the TLC it deserves. But Mohammed said it, "managing a website is no picnic", I subscribe to that 100%.

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