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October 30, 2006

Palm Treo 680 smartphone, vs Treo 650 smartphone

Part I

Palm Treo 680 smartphone

I know a lot of you have no problem with the Treo antenna, but there is still huge number of Treo users who wish to have antenna less Treo smartphone, for me the antenna was something that made me feel home with Treo 650 as it reminded me very much of my first ever mobile phone; the Ericsson 7xx back when I was 13 or 15yrs old I don't remember exactly, for sure I'll miss it, specially when placing the smartphone in my belt, but at least now I don't have to worry about the antenna getting in my way ;-)

Palm Treo 650/680 smartphoneWe can talk all day about the antenna, but for sure removing the antenna will make the Treo smartphone more attractive to non smartphone and non palm OS users, which is a plus point for Palm Treo 680 over the 650.

The new Treo smartphone almost look identical to Treo 650 smartphone, but in fact its smaller and thinner, and other than the antenna Palm made a lot of changes in the design that improved the phone handling and usage, for example in the side of the smartphone; Palm added curve remind me a lot of the new Benz CLS55 ;-) the new smartphone is now sleeker, more comfortable and easier to hold, and most important that it won't slip easily from your hand incase of one hand operation.

Palm also improved the QWERTY keyboard, I'm sure after a week of usage any Treo 650 users can tell the different between the two, the button now respond better to softer touches. It seem that the famous BlackBerry thumb will not become Treo thumb any soon, or at least they trying! :-)

What I like about the Treo 680 and 650 as well, is that I never met anyone yet complaining that its hard to type in its keyboard, or that its hard to read in its vibrant and sharp 320x320 screen, I believe Palm can take advantage of the Treo smartphone design for at least another two future smartphones before we start complaining; Treo 750p or 800p with improved specifications, and UMTS/HSDPA or WiFi.

The Treo 680 battery cover is bit stronger compared to the Treo 650, and under the cover you'll find the Samsung made 1200mAH battery which is smaller capacity compared to the 1800mAH Treo 650 battery, and under that you'll find the SIM tray which is used to be in top near the IR port in the Treo 650.

Back to the battery, the Treo 680 battery easily completed a full working day with Versamail sync'n to my office exchange server every 60minute, plus few calls and moderate usage of the smartphone, which is quite good compared to a lot of new smartphones, but not the Treo 650 smartphone, however, you can easily swap the battery with another backup battery which you can purchase for less than 30$ from Palm stores and also Smartphone Experts, Boxwave, Brando and Seidio are all introducing extended high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries for Treo users and cost less than 40$.

Back to the Treo keyboard; Palm changed the navigation and the option buttons completely compared to the Treo 650, I have to admit; my first three days with the 680 where tough, but it wasn't because the poor arrangement of the new keys; no not at all, but it was mainly because for the last two years I been Treo 650 users, I was typing with my eyes closed, and now I had to adopt to the 680 key layout changes and the new navigation, but after exactly three days I started to appreciate the new layout, and the new five way navigation which is now more responsive than the Treo 650. In the new key layout, you'll find two keys directly under the screen one for answering calls and the other for ending the calls or switching off the smartphone, below that you'll find the PIM option keys, two in each side rocker style, reminded me of the M600. The phone and calendar button now in one key, and the home/application and email button in another key, I believe Palm done so to improve the one hand operation even further, as now you won't even have to bring your finger up when jumping from email for example to home or last used application list.

In the left side you'll find the volume button, and additional programmable button just like in the Treo 650, however, the side button in the Treo 650 is more elegant than the Treo 680, and in the top of the smartphone you'll miss the SD/MMC card which now moved to the right side of the smartphone and hiding under a small plastic cover, I'm not sure why they moved it to the side, but it look like they where trying to keep the top as thin as possible, and by the way I didn't like the idea of the plastic cover in top of the SD/MMC card at all specially that I move the card a lot between my laptop built-in card reader and my Treo, I wonder how long it gonna take before it get damage, but the fact that almost 90% of new smartphone are designed this way made me forgive Palm for that, however, I wished if they added a USB card reader functionality to the Treo 680 so users won't have to open the plastic cover of the SD/MMC everytime they wish to add something to the card.

Back to the top of the smartphone and still in the same location is the ringer switcher with slightly improved design, and the IR port. Moving to the bottom of the smartphone, you'll find the 2.5mm headset jack, the palm multi-connector, and the microphone which was moved slightly down to improve the design and I believe the voice quality as well...

... Stay tuned for more live photos and the second part of the review soon.

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October 25, 2006

Happy Birthday... PalmDubai.NET!


October 24, 2006

Palm Treo 680 smartphone, and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Palm Treo 680 smartphone, and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Update: Now that Palm delivered an improve Exchange ActiveSync experience with the Treo 680 smartphone, supporting MS Exchange (email, calendar, and contact sync), Palm is now planning to take a step further by adding support to Microsoft DirectPush technology. It's not yet confirmed and we have no detailed information about how Palm managed to pull such an amazing feature, all what we know for now that the feature will be available early next year, and we will make sure to keep you posted as soon as we know more, for now enjoy the review...

Two years ago Palm licensed Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync protocol to enable the delivery of secure, wireless and direct synchronization between Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Palm smartphones/handhelds...

... And since Palm been working hard to improve synchronization with the Microsoft Exchange Server, and if you where able to sync your Palm Treo 650 smartphone successfully with your corporate Exchange Server then you'll love the Treo 680 smartphone.

The new Palm Treo 680 smartphone give you more control over your exchange server synchronization, however, still doesn't support adding custom-made or signed SSL certificates, like UiQ3 and Windows Mobile smartphones, but some Treo smartphone users found a work around to solve this issue; JV guide at ISAserver.org.

Palm Treo 680 smartphone

Pam also improved the first synchronization process where usually after you setup your Microsoft Exchange account for the first time and before the start of the first synchronization all your contacts and appointments get erased from the smartphone to download the new list from the server, but with the Treo 680 smartphone your first synchronization will check the data and information in your smartphone against the server data, and you'll not loss any contact details or appointment, which is really a nice touch from Palm insuring our data is safe.

"Key to offering the premier mobile-email-access device is our open-platform approach, resulting in a full spectrum of choices for individuals to CIOs at the largest enterprises."
- Ed Colligan, president and CEO, Palm, Inc.

Palm Treo 680 smartphone doesn't support direct-push like the Palm Treo 750w smartphones, but through scheduled or manual sync your Treo 680 smartphone can wirelessly, and securely (SSL/VPN) sync with the server to update your calendar, contacts, send/receive emails, and respond to meeting invitations, extending your wireless access to corporate informations.


Download Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Administrator's Guide

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October 22, 2006

Vaja released the Treo 680 smartphone i-volution case

vaja i-volution for Palm Treo 680 smartphone

vaja i-volution for Palm Treo 680 smartphone

Microsoft Plan to launch Windows Vista and 2007 Office Systems - GITEX 2006

Windows VistaYear after year and GITEX attract more and more IT professionals and the biggest IT companies, from Microsoft, to Oracle, to Sun Microsystems and much much more.

GITEX2006Every year GITEX witness the biggest IT products launch, the massive market growth attracted more exhibitors and visitors from the around the world, and this year its Microsoft, planning the biggest launch in their GITEX 2006 participation.

As Microsoft starving to deliver their promise of delivering Windows Vista in November, now it's more than official; Microsoft plan to launch Windows Vista and 2007 Office Systems in GITEX (Nov. 18-22, 2006) and invite all GITEX visitors to attend.

October 21, 2006

Palm Treo 680 smartphone, First Look!

Palm Treo 680 smartphone

For the last two years I been really happy with my Palm Treo 650 smartphone, it served me very well, and it saved the day hundred of times, and I was fortunate to be one of the first to try the new Palm Treo 680, which added the few things that I was missing with my lovely Treo 650 smartphone.

In few words the new Palm Treo 680 smartphone; is a Treo 650 smartphone, with Treo 700p specifications, dressed in Treo 750w suit, I think that about it!

And if you ask any Treo 650 users; what do you want to change to improve your Treo? I believe atleast 90 percent will answer; integrated antenna, and more memory, and Palm did just that, and with no extras, not because they can't, but because earlier in the year they promised to deliver us an affordable smartphone for the holiday season.

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October 19, 2006

DataViz InTact Technology now for Palm OS

Documents ToGo 9After couple of months enjoying Document To Go for UiQ3 with DataViz new and amazing InTact Technology in my M600, DataViz brought their new InTact Technology to Palm OS users; announcing the release of Document To Go 9.

Documents ToGo 9DataViz InTact Technology ensures that office file formatting is kept "intact" when editing and e-mailing office files from your smartphone or handheld.

New in Document To Go 9 includes;

:: InTact Technology for Word, Excel & PowerPoint files maintains your documents' original formatting but without the need of synchronization.
:: Integrated file explorer now lets you easily browse to files on your device or expansion card.
:: Re-designed handheld applications for quicker navigation and new look and feel.
:: View and edit footnotes & endnotes in word processing files.
:: Hyperlinks within Table of Contents now supported.
:: View and edit text boxes in word processing files.
:: View and edit comments in word processing files.
:: True Type font support in spreadsheets.
:: New look user interface.
:: Speed improvements when viewing PDF files.
:: View, edit and create XY scatter plot charts in spreadsheets.
:: Additional bullets and numbering support in word processing files.
:: Additional zoom levels added for viewing presentations and pictures.
:: Edit PowerPoint presentation natively - available for the first time for Mac users!

To learn more about DTG 9 with InTact Technology™; visit DataViz.com

October 18, 2006

You want an iPod? Get a MAC first!

It seem that Apple always manage to do something to put a smile in our daily life, the latest was bundling the iPod with free Windows virus worm, unfortunately the virus does not affect Macs or the iPod itself, and you can only enjoy this free offer if you are a Windows users, bad luck to our cousins at EmiratesMAC.

Apple Computer said on Tuesday that some of its latest iPods have shipped with a Windows virus called RavMonE, which was discovered last week, and that the virus was traced to a particular Windows machine of a manufacturer that builds the iPods for Apple, and added that new video iPods now being made with no free virus, and that as for Windows machines, the virus does not cause data damage but can lower the security of the computer.

How to remove and make sure your new Video iPod is virus free?

We laughed enough in the office about this topic :-) now, if you planning to buy a Video iPod and not sure if it contain the virus or not, just simply after you charge your iPod and before you Plug it to your PC; go to Settings > Reset All Settings > Reset, resetting your iPod will take care of the virus.

"As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses, and even more upset with ourselves for not catching it,"
- Apple Computer

In case you already using the Video iPod with your Windows and wish to make sure that your Windows is virus free or to remove the virus; Apple made a small guide and links to help you remove the virus; here.

October 17, 2006

Palm Treo 680 smartphone - GITEX 2006


Last year Palm EMEA managed to draw a lot of attention with their successful participation at GITEX , this year we going to miss the bright energy orange stand, as we found out that Palm is not going to participate this year, disappointing news for us, however, Palm appointed distributor ITE announced that they planning to launch the new Palm Treo 680 smartphone in GITEX 2006 (Nov. 18-22) at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

October 16, 2006

Off-topic: Windows Mesa

I was taking a Microsoft survey today, at Microsoft at work website, and before the end of the survey I was asked if I ever heard of Windows Mesa.

After couple of hours searching the net I came out empty, I found more people are posting the same question; What is Windows Mesa?

If anyone know what its all about please let us know! :-)

October 15, 2006

Palm and Google Bring Google Maps to Treo Smartphone users

GoogleMapPalm and Google announced that they'll deliver a mobile optimized version of the popular interactive mapping experience of Google Maps to millions of Palm Treo smartphone users, offering directions, local search, moveable/scalable maps, location satellite imagery and traffic updates while on the go.

"We're dedicated to providing user-friendly services that make life on the go easier. It's been a pleasure working with Palm to bring our critically acclaimed local search and mapping application to millions of Treo users."
- Deep Nishar, director of product management for Google, Inc.

"Google's local search expertise along with added conveniences such as traffic updates and directions make mobile lifestyles even easier. With its full keyboard, 5-way navigation, and touch screen, our Treo line is designed to take advantage of numerous applications, ranging from work to play, that complement a user's everyday life."
- David Diangson, director, business development and licensing for Palm, Inc.

To download Google Maps for mobile to your Treo smartphone; visit www.google.com/gmm from your Treo web browser.

October 14, 2006

Y&R to Lead Worldwide Advertising for Palm

PalmPalm, Inc. announced Y&R San Francisco as agency of record for its worldwide advertising efforts. Y&R is one of the world's leading marketing communications agencies with offices in 81 countries.

During Palm's process of reviewing agencies, Y&R emerged as the agency with the best mix of strategic and creative talent globally to help Palm build its mantle as the pioneer and continuing innovator in mobile computing.

"Y&R is ideally suited to unleash the power of our brand in this exciting growth marketplace."
- Ed Colligan, Palm president and chief executive officer.

"We are absolutely ecstatic about the opportunity to take the Palm brand to even greater levels on a worldwide scale,"
- Penny Baldwin, managing partner, Y&R San Francisco.

Palm thanks AKQA, a leading interactive marketing agency, for seven years of innovative advertising. AKQA helped Palm retain its leadership in handheld computing against bigger competitors with more resources. The advertising agency also created much of Palm's highly successful presence in the smartphone market.

October 13, 2006

Ed Colligan introduces new Palm Treo 680 smartphone

Ed Colligan introduces new Palm Treo 680 smartphone

Palm President and CEO Ed Colligan
introduces new Palm Treo 680 smartphone in red, orange, white and silver
at DigitalLife press conference in New York City.

PalmSource to Change Name to ACCESS

ACCESS Co., Ltd., announced that it's wholly owned subsidiary, PalmSource, Inc., has started the process to begin transitioning its company name to ACCESS.

ACCESS and PalmSource, together developing products and platforms designed to optimize the capabilities of mobile phones and devices. The first product to leverage the collective technologies and expertise of the two companies is the ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP), announced in February 2006.

New Logo

ACCESS Co., Ltd.Toru Arakawa, CEO, president and co-founder of ACCESS unveiled new brand identity that signifies a milestone in the Company's history and further highlights ACCESS' evolution as a leading provider of solutions for the mobile phone and device markets.

"Our new logo has been designed to symbolize the transformation of ACCESS as it evolves into a truly global company dedicated to providing innovative products and technology," said Toru Arakawa, ACCESS CEO, president and co-founder. "The new logo symbolizes our Company values of total customer satisfaction, integrity, innovation, excellence and openness," Arakawa added.

The new logo modernizes the current ACCESS logo signifying the Company's evolution as a global corporation with 29 offices in Asia, Europe and the United States. Featuring four spheres emanating from the word ACCESS, the logo is a metaphor for the technologies and products that ACCESS generates, incubates and releases to the world. These spheres represent the technologies, products, industries, and business models that ACCESS and PalmSource have developed as well as the ones it has yet to generate.

Highlighting the two companies coming together as one, the logo features two shades of blue associated with both ACCESS and PalmSource. The overall design represents a company that is developing and providing the mobile phone and device industry with innovative technologies and products.

New Integrated Global Web Site

In addition to the new logo, ACCESS has launched a new global website that integrates, updates, and expands the information previously available on the standalone PalmSource and ACCESS web sites.
The new integrated ACCESS and PalmSource web site features a streamlined interface that significantly facilitates the end-user experience. Available in five language versions-- English, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish-- the web site is designed to provide information to a broader global audience. The new ACCESS web site represents the Company's commitment to providing its global customers, partners and developers with a comprehensive source of timely information that is well structured and readily accessible.

The new ACCESS Web site: www.access-company.com.

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October 10, 2006

Palm and Microsoft promote mobile computing on college campuses

Pd_palm_wmPalm Connected Campus, an initiative that supports mobile-computing environments where mobile computing connects students, faculty, IT, administrators and staff to each other, and to the campus network and personal information, promotes mobile computing on college campuses through alliance with Microsoft Student Partner (MSP), a program which will give Palm access to more than 3 million students at 114 campuses.

"Student partners will execute a series of activities on behalf of Palm, including technology presentations and product showcases, to demonstrate new technologies that universities need to meet the demand for affordable, wireless connectivity on their campuses."
- Eric Johnson, general manager of education, Palm Inc.

Palm, Inc. is giving more than 200 of its new Palm Treo 700wx smartphones running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 on Sprint Power Vision Network, to promote the benefits of mobility and create greater awareness of the Palm Connected Campus initiative.

October 09, 2006

Update: Help bring back Firefox!

Update 10.11: Firefox is Back Online!

Thanks to everyone signed the feedback forum, your amazing respond brought Firefox back, Etisalat yesterday opened Mozilla download link and confirmed that blocking Firefox was a mistake, you can now download the next generation of Firefox browser; Mozilla Firefox 2 Release Candidate 2 (RC 2).

Site BlockedJust few days after Mozilla announced Firefox 2 (RC 2) the preview release of the next generation Firefox browser Etisalat decided to block UAE internet subscriber from downloading not only Firefox, but all software and applications under Mozilla.org.

All users who already have Firefox and other Mozilla applications can continue to use them with no problem, for new Firefox users and users who want to get a sneak peek at the next version of Firefox you going to need to find an alternative download link.

If you are EIM subscriber and wish to bring back Firefox please complete the complaint form here, based in the number of users sign the complaint form Etisalat will re-examine the reason behind blocking the popular browser Firefox and if agreed they’ll forward it to the TRA to open the site for download again.

To know more about Firefox new milestone development of Firefox 2 read the release note here.

October 01, 2006

PalmDubai.NET - Update...

As of today October 1st, I officially became part of the mobility industry, I have accepted a position with one of largest value adding service distributor, with foot print all over Europe , Middle East, Africa, and soon in Asia.

My new position allow me to use my knowledge to train people and help enterprises and organization mobilize their workforce, and in the same time help me excel in the mobility world and hopefully together with my team make the best out of mobile technologies, and break the physical, cultural, and technological barriers that limit us and tide us to our offices.

The move from my old company to the new one is what keep me busy and taking all my time, but as soon as I’m up and running so will PalmDubai.NET, and ofcourse they’ll be more and more reviews since new smartphones and mobility technologies will be passing my way daily.

Its going to be fun, my passion for mobility is now my daily job, and as you all know we started with a Palm, and now slowly reviewing UiQ, and soon Windows Mobile, Symbian, and hopefully Linux, and ofcourse Palm will always remain in our heart.


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