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September 14, 2006

Dubai host the 4th M.E. Mobility & Broadband Summit

The M.E. Mobility & Broadband Summit, organized by Arabcom Group, quickly become one of the most important events in the region, this year the summit focused in the future of governments and enterprise mobility, and attracted operators from around the region, governments, and enterprises looking to mobilize their work force.

The 4th M.E. Mobility & Broadband Summit brought some of the most respected members of the mobility and broadband community, the summit was endorsed by Dubai Government, WiMax Forum, International RFID Business Association, and sponsored by Etisalat, 3COM, HP, Juniper Networks, BenqSiemens, Cisco Systems, i-mate, Ipaxiom Networks, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, Sybase, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and with AMEinfo, Midle East magazine, HITEK magazine as Media partners.

In the first day the summit (session 1) cover the topic of wireless broadband from security point of view with speakers from 3COM, HP, and Cisco, and moved to mobility solutions and mobility in the enterprise with Etisalat covering the challenge and success of the Blackberry launch in the UAE.

Dubai eGovernment speaker Mrs. Rehab Lootah, Sr. Business Manager, sent a strong message by highlighting the importance of the educational part of technologies and the focus of performance, features, and placing the user value before the profit to protect and educate the users in the region.

The after noon part of the summit was about new technologies and mobilizing the enterprise applications, covered by Sybase, and Blubox, Mr. Wilson Cochrane, Global Marketing Director of Blubox Software LLP, delivered the most interesting part of the summit, and managed to wow everybody in the summit with the new technology Blubox developed to compress high resolution images.

Second day of the summit was about mobile broadband wireless access technologies, 3G/4G vs WiMAX, and their role in the portfolio of operators, session speakers; WiMAX Forum Marketing Director and Redline Communication VP Product Management, Mr. Keith Doucet, and Qualcomm VP Business Development MENA, Mr. Luigi Gasparollo, and Mr. Torbjorn Ward, CEO Aptilo Networks, who covered the applications and ROI part in the wireless and wimax metros and provided a lot of successful case studies from around the world.

Session 3 or the summit second part of day two was about RFID, the technology, applications and the business value, with speakers from the International RFID Business Association, Texas Instruments, and IBM (Global Business Solutions).

September 13, 2006

Palm announced the first 3G/UMTS from the Treo 750 smartphone family

Palm Treo 750v

"The new Treo 750v smartphone -- made available first in Europe -- on the Vodafone 3G/UMTS network is Palm's latest salvo to reach more customers in more regions with an ever-expanding line of compelling Treo smartphones."

- Ed Colligan, president and chief executive officer, Palm Inc.

September 07, 2006

Two new Treo Smartphone to bring Palm back to the global market

"We will soon address the market dynamics responsible for our first-quarter revenue shortfall with two major new product launches, one that improves our pricing position and both which extend our carrier relationships throughout the global markets,"

- Ed Colligan, Palm president and chief executive officer.


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