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November 01, 2005

Bluetooth HotSync with Microsoft XP Bluetooth Software!

In Palm current models like the Tungsten E2, Treo 650, LifeDrive, TX; palm done a great job in the Bluetooth integration and simplifying the connect and sync to a Bluetooth enabled desktop or laptop computer.

Recently I had to change my laptop, and I ended up with a Sony Vaio (VGN-S48GP), I was honestly blinded by the good look and feel of the laptop, and I didn't notice that although it has a built-in Bluetooth, but Sony was too lazy to include a software to support it, and they left it all to Microsoft incomplete Bluetooth software which is included in Win XP SP2.

After long struggle with Sony support, we reached to a point where the support agent and I; agreed that it's better if I buy a Bluetooth dongle so I won't have to deal with hacking and cracking of Widcomm Blutooth drivers software. This Vaio model is one of the few models that ship with a built-in Bluetooth without the software included, while there is many less expensive laptops, and even cheap laptops which include a full Bluetooth software, and that didn't make sense to me, and unfortunately that was not the only problem with this laptop, but I'm not gonna get into that here, so anyway...

I decided to give Microsoft Bluetooth software a shot; and I was really surprised that the MS Bluetooth software is not bad as I thought! and surprisingly Palm included a complete guide for the process in the Treo 650 Bluetooth app, and here it is;

In your computer;

1. Turn the Bluetooth Discovery On;
:: Click the Bluetooth icon in your System Tray and select Open Bluetooth Settings, or go to "Start > Control Panel > Bluetooth Devices",
:: Click Options tab,
:: Check option Turn discovery on,
:: Click Apply, then,

2. Creating a Virtual Serial Port;
:: Click the COM Ports tab,
:: Click Add,
:: Select Incoming,
:: Click OK.

3. Configuring your HotSync Manager;
:: Click in the HotSync manager icon in the System Tray,
:: Select Setup,
:: Click on the Local tab,
:: From the list of ports select the virtual port which was created in step 2,
:: Click OK,

4. Enabling the Local Serial;
:: Click the HotSync manager System Trey icon,
:: Check Local.

In your Treo 650;

:: Start the Bluetooth app,
:: Turn on your Bluetooth,
:: Click Setup Devices,
:: Select HotSync Setup,
:: Click Next,
:: Select your PC from the list of devices,
:: Click OK,
:: Click Next,
:: Click Next,
:: And finally, Launch HotSync.

If you didn't already pair your Treo with your Bluetooth enabled computer; once you click Launch HotSync; the Treo will send Bluetooth request to connect to the computer, click the message and enter a Passkey to pair the two, and don't forget to check Add to trusted devices list to add the computer to the Treo Bluetooth trusted list.

This guide is built-in the Treo 650 Bluetooth app, and it'll take you exactly 5min to complete it; if you using Microsoft XP SP2 drive, it's really amazing how simple it's to configure your Treo 650 to Sync with Bluetooth enabled laptop, so give it a try...


For advance users who which to get more out of their Blutooth enabled Handheld/Smartphone(s) and computers; check out Dean Bluetooth guide, it's the best Palm dedicated Bluetooth guide.


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