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September 18, 2005

ABM Open The First Apple Center

[Click here for the MAC Store Gallery]

After a long walk across Ibn Battuta Mall trying to reach the Apple Store, I discovered that its really huge shopping mall, I made a mistake and parked my car in P1 (where I usually park), if you going specially for the Apple Store I suggest you park in P5 or P6, 'cuz from P1 I don't think you'll reach the store specially if you walking with your girlfriend or wife; passing by all the international brands and signature shops expect a lot of stops in your way to the Apple Center.

About the store; I was disappointed about how small is the center and its poor design, half of the shop is packed with mostly not Apple products, and if you going there to check out the new iPod Nano just don't waste your time; the Shop doesn't even have a single unit.

Update: iPod Nano is now available from PDNet for 2,000AED.

The fact that this is the first Apple Shop in the region made it very special and I have to give all the credits to ABM for the great job opening the first Apple Store in Dubai, the Apple Shop or Apple Center also offer support to the community and with a small learning center to teach people about Apple products very first and wonderful idea, so if you never used MAC before I suggest you drop by the shop.

The unlocked-version of the ROKR E1; which was announced last week by Motorola and Apple; surprisingly available in the Apple store. The phone was anticipated to be available within the next month, but thanks to ABM; Dubai is one of the first cities in the world to have the ROKR.

Apple Center or MacStore; located in Sh. Zayed Rd., Ibn Battuta Mall, China Court, Shop number 256 near the movie house.


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I really wish Palm do something similar...

i really want one of these
ipod nano's

i like the black the best im just worried that it would snap in my pocket if i leaned to far forward to tie my shoelace or something

but thats just me being paranoid

i cant see people wanting the ipod mini or shuffle now

no wonder there so eager to give them away with walkers crisps?

Mini is very limited in the market, but for sure the Nano will hurt the sales of the mini and even the 60G and 40G iPod's.

I also like the Black one, but I know for sure if I placed it in my pocket I'll break it, that's why I'm looking for the Lanyard Headphones.

welcome for apple computer to u a e

Hi, can anyone give me an e-mail address of an Apple store in Dubai as i am trying to buy a I-bookpro, I cant find a price anywhere on the web, Thank you.

Hi J, unfortunately Apple product price lists in Dubai is not available online (because of the frequent change of prices), however, we have a meeting with ABM tomorrow and hopefully we will publish and continue to update the product list online, I don't wanna jump ahead of the meeting, but hey! Stay Positive! :-)


Just got an Ipod nano and was checking a proper way to connect it to my car. Through Apple website, my car(GMC) doesnt seem to have a right away solution. So apparently I need to buy another gadget.

I'm not keen on buying the sony cassette solution as i'm very particular about sound quality.

Any other solutions from apple?


You can buy the Nano iTrip which I'm currently using, but honestly if I have to rate the iTrip I'll give it 4/5 in the first few days, but shortly after a poor 1/5.

The iTrip seem like the perfect solution, but it eat up the battery life of your Nano, if for example you use to go 3-4 days without a charge, then you going to start charging your Nano twice a day with iTrip.

Sound quality the best you can get out of the iTrip is Mono, plus a lot of time you gonna run into radio interference areas, so the best solution is cassette adopter, or if you have direct line in your car stereo then you can buy the plug from RadioShack or Plug-ins.

Concerning prices, we try to keep a list at our site: http://www.emiratesmac.com/Pricewatch

It's not complete or always up-to-date, but we try our best ;-)

You guys doing great with the price list, keep it up!

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