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July 02, 2005

A first look: Qool Labs Windows Mobile QDA-PocketPC

Qool Labs QDA-PocketPCThe new Qool Labs Smartphone QDA-PocketPC, is the lightest and most elegant Windows Mobile PPC Smartphone, with a tri-band GSM/GPRS phone, adding Bluetooth and miniSD expansion ( click the image for the QDA-PocketPC gallery ).

Our first impressions of the QDA-PocketPC after a brief hands-on experience were extremely positive. Surprisingly the QDA-PocketPC is much lighter than the JAM and some how it feels smaller, the 2.8in LTPS LCD screen is very clear, bright and sharp in door and out door, and supports up to 262k colors. The tri-band GSM/GPRS QDA is powered by Windows Mobile 2003 SE Phone Edition (might be upgraded to 5.0 if MS bring it before the release date), which makes Qool Labs the fourth PalmOS licensees to release Windows Mobile along side there PalmOS QDA.

The new QDA QVGA screen can be operated in both landscape and portrait orientation. The device also incorporates a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, Bluetooth, and no Wi-Fi, but currently the company looking at the new miniSD Wi-Fi module, and it might be bundled if the tests go smoothly, however, we've learned that they'll be two version of the QDA-PocketPC the latest will have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built-in.

One of the Qoolest features I noticed in the QDA-PocketPC is the many lids under the directional-pad; the black surrounding plastic line has many colored lid icons under it, ex. if you making a call a green lid will light a green phone icon, if the Wi-Fi is ON you'll get a yellow Wi-Fi icon, it's really amazing, I'll try to add some photo(s) that show this features.

The company also added a Java support, and amazing graphical animated menu for the multimedia and the web access, and they plan to bundle a punch of softwares when they release the QDA-PocketPC in the end of the 3rdQ, the Wi-Fi version will be released in the 4thQ.

The QDA-PocketPC is powered by lithium battery and it's removable. Qool Labs with the new QDA is targeting both corporate users and consumers, and they made it clear that they still very much committed to PalmOS, and that the new QDA will open the door for more and more PalmOS, and Windows Mobile smartphones in the near future.

Qool Labs will also release new ROM update before the end of the month for the PalmOS QDA-700.


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Great looking phone. I don't know enough yet but this may be the phone to move me on from the JAM. Looks and sound qool on paper.

Believe me its way too qool in hand, additional feature not mentioned in the first look is that the black plastic cover in the top is removable and you can attach a keypad that cover the screen and turn the QDA from a pocketpc to a smartphone :)

Dear All,

This new Smartphone from Qool Labs is the QDA-PocketPC not the QDA-08, please if anyone linking this Article with the name QDA-08 to correct it, the Wi-Fi version is also called QDA-PocketPC unless Qool Labs decide to change the name in the future.

Also note that this is a test unit and specifications can change anytime, and about the colors; they'll be silver black, and all other colors limited editions, they’ll be also a high quality white color unites which might be more expensive than the silver black unit, the white unit is also limited edition.

Special thanks to Jason R, Omair, Wendy and Qool Labs...

The model can not go very far if it lacks Windows Mobile 5, GPS, 3.2 MP camera and Voice applications. Also the form factor should be stremlined to be more leaner, lighter than this one.

I agree withPrachid That a better CAM (SAmsung has a 5Mpix sensor for phones for sale) could bring in more customers, and maybe build in GPS will get build in mainstream by the end of this year. But DON't change the formfactor as it makes me drool. Perfect size for me.

And maybe this phone will be catched by time in less then a year, when it would market now, it would e a great thing. Free upgrade to WIndows Mobile 5.0 is a must though.

The information that i am missing is more hardware oriented. Processor info and internal RAM and ROM memmory, upgrade slots, what external memory type?

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