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June 30, 2005

Podcast with your LifeDrive Mobile Manager

Apple introduced iTunes 4.9 with Podcasting feature, a new word for the next generation of radio which I just added to my dictionary recently thanks to Jeff Kirvin from 1SRC.com and his popular palmOS podcast.

I found the new feature is very useful especially for LifeDrive owners, and you don't need an iPod to Podcast, here is my simple guide to Podcast with your LifeDrive Manager (Windows Only);

:: Download iTunes 4.9 with Podcast support, and install it
:: In your iTune (Menu) click (Advanced)
:: Select (Subscribe to Podcast)
:: Type the URL of the RSS feed linking to your favorite Podcast (ex. http://www.1src.com/podcasts/rss.xml)
:: iTunes will automatically update and download the latest Podcast show or you can manually click update

:: Make sure you installed the latest Palm Desktop software that came with your LifeDrive
:: In your computer go to My Documents>My Music>iTunes>iTunes Music>Podcasts
:: Drag the folder (Podcasts) to the LifeDrive Manager icon on your desktop
:: Select the option (Keep synchronized)
:: Perform an initial HotSync operation, and set the folder to "Keep synchronized" whenever the LifeDrive is connected to your PC

Now everytime you start your iTunes, it'll download the new Podcasts show, and it'll be sync'd with your LifeDrive, and if you open your LifeDrive Manager you'll find the folder Podcasts with two arrows in the corner which mean that this folder is sync'd with your PC whenever you update this folder, and note that if the folder is updated in your PC you do not have to perform another HotSync, the LifeDrive Manager will automatically update in your LifeDrive, this is the best feature ever from palmOne and thanks to Apple for the new iTunes ;-)


For palmOS Podcasts we currently have Jeff from 1SRC, Alan from GrassNet, and Carl from Palmloyal, I hope Tyler/PalmAddict will add RSS to their podcast to complete the list. Next week, we'll have a veteran podcaster on the show to talk about how to get a good deal on an iPhone 4S for sale or an iPhone 5 for sale. Stay tuned!

Update 07.08: PalmAddict Podcast now with RSS feed, you can add the feed to your iTunes or iPodder.


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PalmFocus created a guide to listen to Podcasts with your palm, very interesting is the iPodder solution, almost like the iTunes. iPodder is free and available for Win, OSX, and Linux.


For more detailed tutorial in how to use the LifeDrive Manager feature check out Jelmer guide he added lots of photos ;) he also used the iPodder.


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